Chur textiles has always believed in keeping pace with technology and we are consistently upgrading our technology and manufacturing machineries to cater to the changing needs of the industry.

Our state-of-the-art laboratories and manufacturing units are equipped with all modern machinery under one roof to ensure continuous quality production. From procuring of raw materials to stocking of the finished product, we are fully equipped with the technological requirements to handle the process.


Chur's entry into textile manufacturing was the result of customer demand, market growth and the ever-increasing potential in the domestic and export market. Today Chur has two ultra-modern textile manufacturing and processing plants (combined area of 236,000 sq. feet) strategically located at Bhiwandi - a textile hub near Mumbai metropolis.

Fabric manufacturing plant with value-added processing facility has the total combined capacity of 250,000 meters per day.


R&D (Research and Development) plays a vital role in the overall production and quality of a fabric. The task of R & D section starts from fabrication and ends at final inspection of finished fabric.

All processes such as tear/tensile testing, dimensional stability, shrinkage, stretch and recovery and color fastness are handled at the physical unit of the laboratories. The finished products also undergo stringent testing to ensure that they conform to the highest standards of quality.